About Us

What is Imagine?

Imagine is the name of our organization and of our game system that we publish. The game system is of the tabletop variety, which is usually played by a group of people, sitting around a table, using paper, pencils and lots of dice. Role-playing games in general all share some common elements. They all usually have one of the people gathered at the table play the job of the game master (also called the storyteller or referee) and the other people playing are all participants/players in the game itself. They have characters that interact with the story being told by the Game Master.


Our game system is a high-fantasy role playing game. This means that the game takes place in a pseudo-mythical, mystical world that is inhabited by races and creatures of every make and size. The players of the game all have characters that they "pretend" to be as they interact with this fantasy world. The game master tells the story and makes judgments or rule calls on the manner in which game play turns out.