• Mysteries of the Planes

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The ethereal veil, the unseen boundary between worlds, is sundered! 

Tendrils of planar influence ooze forth, and planar flora and fauna begin to spill into the material realm. Some larger things come through – purposeful beings, ancient and arcane, traverse the mystical gateway, their forms bearing the weight of forgotten epochs. Whispers of supernatural dangers filter out into the world. 

Elsewhere, an intrepid party stands before an ancient gate in a secluded chamber hidden deep within the ruins of a long-forgotten civilization; the silent portal beckons enticingly. They knew of the gate’s legend: a time when the djinn and mechanos walked freely among the people. 

Her hands trembling slightly with a mix of anticipation and trepidation, the mage begins the ancient incantation. Her voice takes on a hypnotic quality, resonating throughout the chamber and echoing as if channeled from beyond the ages. The air around the portal crackles with raw magical power, and the atmosphere seems to vibrate with an almost tangible force. Arcane energy arcs and weaves around the edges of the gateway, forming intricate patterns that shift and change with each passing second.

The magess musters her resolve and draws a deep breath, guiding the final surge of power into the portal's core. A crescendo of energy surges through the chamber, and the portal bursts open, revealing a breathtaking vista of an enigmatic city floating among the clouds.  The air around the portal shimmers and hums with sheer arcane energy, and a gentle gust of wind emanates from the portal's depths, carrying with it the faint din of voices and the scents of a distant land.

The portal, now open, awaits the brave and the curious to venture forth and explore the boundless possibilities that lie beyond.  Planar adventure awaits!

This tome provides you with over 40 new races, 12 new classes, and hundreds of new planar creatures to help round out your world experience.

647 pages

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Mysteries of the Planes

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