Legends of the Unknown

    Legends of the Unknown
    Legends of the Unknown
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    465 pages

    The sea beckons.

    Journey far to the corners of the world, uncovering ancient secrets and treasures long forgotten. Contained within this expansion is everything you need to take your game to uncharted lands and mysterious seas. Combat on the high seas is now possible with the Ship Combat Expansion found inside! Fly high above the world in lighter-than-air craft, or dive deep beneath the waves in a barnacle-encrusted submersible.  On these pages, you’ll find nearly two hundred new creatures for many exciting and unforgiving habitats. Become one of fifteen new races, or gear up for adventure as one of eight new classes.

    Can you overcome the perils of the deeps, survive the trials of the
    frozen wastes, and vanquish the evils found beneath sun-scortched dunes?
    If you can, you will be a Legend.
    If not, you will be forgotten.

    Legends of the Unknown is fully illustrated, inside and out, with a stitch-bound hardcover, and a color gloss finish. It is printed on high quality paper to withstand many years of enjoyable use. (465 pages)

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